Ski, fitness, coaching

lifeski Lifeski as a four-season activity academy offers first but not foremost outdoor activities. The Lifeski’s programs, from the fitness level to the high performance coaching, are designed to meet your needs and expectations, taking into account your interests, abilities, and skills. The service is provided by highly educated and internationally experienced instructors/co­aches.

Our programs consist of year round activities such as Fitness programs and Sports Training, and specific winter activities such as Nordic Ski Clinics and Nordic Ski Lessons.

Fitness programs aim at developing a fitness level of any participant throughout systematically structured short or long term programs including the introduction and use some of revolutionary exercise equipment.

Sports training programs aim at bringing scientifical as well as individual approaches to athletes of any levels, abilites and ages. See specific areas of coaching.

Nordic Ski clinics provide ongoing instruction for building either basic or advanced skiing skills for individuals or groups, lasting mainly up to 5 day period but could be extended through couple of weeks or all ski season. Nordic Ski lessons have a structure of an one-shot session either for individuals or groups.

For futher details feel free to contact us directly.

General Conditions:
  • Participants are expected to use own sport gear. Basic fitness equipment will be coverd by LifeSki.
  • Sport apparel and footwear appropriate to a specific season weather, trail and environment condition are strongly recomended. Feel free to contact us for an advise.
  • If required minimum number of participants is not registered for any scheduled course, we will contact you and offer you a new session. Otherwise we will refund you.
  • Deadline for each registration for any scheduled course is two days (48 hrs) prior to the program, lesson or clinic.
  • A session cancelation due a weather condition or other circumstances will be announced 24 hours in advance.
  • At the beginning of your first paticipation you will be asked for personal data and sing up a waiver form.
  • We accept 48 hours notice in order to rescheduling your lesson.