2017/18 Terms Event Category
Dec 9 Secret Santa! (DeHaans place)  All
Dec 16 SOD Yuletide Blast (Free), Highlands Results All
Dec 17 Horseshoe Valley Ski Camp – Camp Notice 
Dec 20 Hardwood Invitational #1 (F) Results School Novice/Elementary/HS
Jan 6-10 O Cup #1 (Classic, F) – Mont Ste Anne Mid, Juv
Jan 7 SOD Midland Loppet (Cl)  Results All
Jan 13 SOD Mono Nordic Invitational (F), Highlands  Results All
Jan 20-21 O Cup #2 (Cl, F) – Walden Results Day 1 & Day 2 Mid, Juv
Jan 19-26 World Masters – Minneapolis Results Masters
Jan 28 SOD Muskoka Loppet (Cl) Results All
Feb 2-4 O Cup #3 Easterns (F, Cl) – Nakkertok Results Mid, Juv
Feb 11 SOD Suntrail (F), Bruce (Owen Sound)  Results 1 & 2 All
Feb 17-18 Ontario Youth Championships (F, Cl) – North Bay PeeWee, Mid
Gatineau Loppet (Cl, F) – Gatineau
Feb 25 SOD Sounder (Cl) – Parry Sound All
Mar 1-2 Ontario Winter Games (F, Cl) – Horseshoe V.  Mid (2), Juv
Mar 2-4 Ontario Masters – Highlands Masters
Mar 4 SOD Midland Ski Cross (F) All
Mar 10-17 Canadian Championships – Thunder Bay Juv+
About us

The Lifeski Academy has transformed lately into a private Cross Country Ski Club sanctioned by Cross Country Canada. Operating around the beautiful Simcoe County area the club works towards a vision to offer more than just an ordinary coaching across all categories and ages.

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