To ensure that athletes have the best learning environment during any club function or activity, the Lifeski Academy (LsA) has established the following Code of Conduct for all athletes and their parents. To understand that the home trails are consider Horseshoe Resort Cross Country Ski Centre (HR).


 Athletes must familiarize themselves and abide by the rules and regulations of Cross Country

Ontario and Cross Country Canada. It is each athlete’s responsibility to:

  1. Represent the LsA and the sport of cross country skiing in a dignified and responsible manner.
  2. Maintain respect and consideration towards the public, coaches, administrators, volunteers, officials, and other athletes.
  3. Abstain from the use of banned substances, illegal drugs or alcohol
  4. Maintain a good work ethic.
  5. Maintain a positive attitude towards team members and oneself, and contribute positively to team spirit.
  6. Behave in such a manner as to provide a positive role model for younger skiers within the LsA.
  7. Make a best effort to attend all team functions including training sessions, camps, courses and competitions as requested by LsA coaches. Notify coaches well in advance if unable to attend.
  8. Be punctual and respect curfews.
  9. Treat with respect any equipment borrowed from the LsA and replace it if damaged or lost. Treat personal, team members’ and coaches’ equipment with the same respect.
  10. Treat with respect any ski club facilities at use at home and when visiting other clubs.
  11. Ensure that their own equipment is in good condition for practices and events.
  12. Fully responsible for having pre-waxed skis for practices, SOD races, and pre-race warm ups if have not been arranged otherwise.
  13. Maintain clear and dependable communications with coaches and other athletes.
  14. Wear appropriate clothing for the practice or event and afterwards, and bring water bottles, holders and watch or heart rate monitor as instructed by coaches.
  15. Respect individuality, personal time, and study habits.
  16. Respect decisions that the coaches committee may provide concerning disciplinary action of athletes not adhering to the Code of Conduct.



 It is the parents/guardians responsibility to:

  1. Ensure that children under 16 years of age are accompanied by an adult on any out of HR skiing-running event.
  2. Ensure that their child has suitable accommodation arranged and finances available when attending an event with the LsA.
  3. Assist the athlete and coaches by being punctual, communicating effectively, and providing athletes with appropriate equipment for training and races. Effective communication includes checking emails regularly and replying in a timely fashion. Individual coaches will lay out their expectations to parents and athletes at the beginning of the season.
  4. Parents of athletes seeking outside coaching (e.g. weight training, nutrition, cross training, etc.) will consult with the coach of their athlete’s group and seek their agreement.
  5. If the athlete is going to attend any camp or practice organized by another XC ski club or team, coaches must be notified in advance and a training plan of the event needs to be provided.
  6. Support the coaches, providing respectful feedback to the coach in private rather than in public.
  7. Fully cover all transportation, food and accommodation cost for a paid coach and/or non-parent volunteer.
  8. Cheer and encourage all racers on the course.
  9. Volunteer at local races in some capacity.



The Lifeski Academy strives to showcase the achievements of its members whenever possible. There may be occasions during the year when a member will be photographed when participating in a club related event. We would appreciate receiving your permission to include any photographs of the member on our website and associated social media or in any published articles with the proviso that these will not be used for commercial gain nor will they be included in any printed commercial material.



About us

The Lifeski Academy is a private Cross Country Ski Club sanctioned by Cross Country Canada. Operating around the beautiful Simcoe County area the club works towards a vision to offer more than just an ordinary coaching across all categories and ages.

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