All athletes will respect Lifeski Academy (LsA) and any practice facility in use rules and policies and will be asked to lead by example and be ambassadors for the club and the facility.

  1. LsA coaches will not tolerate poor behaviors. The athlete will be asked to leave if the coach feels he/she is disrupting the group and interfering with the program.
  2. Our athletes and coaches will respect all users of a practice facility. Only the coaching staff will handle any conflicts with other users. Athletes are there to train, not to settle conflicts. Yelling or abuse conflicting with other users will not be tolerated.
  3. A love for the sport. The athletes and coaches will demonstrate positive body language and promote their passion for the sport as they are role models to many younger skiers.
  4. On time – Athletes will show up on time for scheduled training. If training begins at 9:00 a.m. athletes are expected to be there for preparation such grip waxing up at 8:45 or earlier if necessary and ready to ski at 9:00 a.m. sharp. The group will not wait for late arrivals; it is up to the athlete to find the group if they arrive late.
  5. Coaches and athletes will always watch their language. Swearing will not be tolerated.
  6. The coach must know where each athlete is at all times during training and competition, especially on the road. Please inform the Coach/chaperone when you must depart from the group.
  7. By joining the team the athlete and coaches have made a commitment and will be expected to fulfill all commitments. Parents/athletes, please contact the head coach ahead if the athlete must miss important dates.
  8. Ensure all equipment is in proper working condition. It is the athlete’s responsibility to arrive at each training session and competition with working equipment.
  9. Athletes and coaches will follow the LsA, CCO, CCC, and FIS policies of the use of all banned substances, alcohol and smoking. Any breach of this policy will result in immediate expulsion from the program, no exceptions.
  10. Athletes will wear helmets at all times during roller ski/roller blade/road bicycle/scooter training and/or competition times.
  11. Physical Conditioning. It will be the athlete’s responsibility to remain in good physical condition throughout the ski season. Stretching everyday can help prevent injuries and increase flexibility will improve overall performance. Quality sleeping time is also necessary for any athlete in order to recover and rest, minimum 8 to 9 hrs a day. It is also the athlete’s responsibility to be in good mental, physical condition including nutrition.
  12. Athletes are expected to reduce their personal time on electronical devices in order to prolong good quality rest and recovery during regular days and/or training camps. No cell/smart phone use shortly pre-, during and post-practice for browsing.
  13. Athletes will be asked to perform at their best individually while supporting the team as a whole. Any concerns regarding teammates will be brought up with the coach and will be handled with the best interest of the team in mind.
  14. Any breach of LsA policies will result in discipline according to the coaching staff.
  15. These policies are to be respected by the athletes and coaches. Any disagreements or questions about them can be discussed with the head coach at any time.



Parents are key to making a club operate. The LsA team will need parent volunteers to assist at practice days, competitions and regional events. As athletes progress in the sport it parent involvement becomes more vital.

If athletes are traveling as a group we may need to rely on parents to help gather people, arrange payments for accommodation, event fees and food for athletes and coaches.

Please respond to emails asking for assistance or contacts LsA for information. Any questions or concerns can be brought to the attention of the Coaching staff or the club’s officers.

About us

The Lifeski Academy is a private Cross Country Ski Club sanctioned by Cross Country Canada. Operating around the beautiful Simcoe County area the club works towards a vision to offer more than just an ordinary coaching across all categories and ages.

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