2019/20 Terms Event Category
04-May Oro-Medonte Kids Run U14+
18-May MTA Gord Rusby Track Meet, Burlington (Results) At, Ba
11-Jun YUTC Twilight #1, York Uni (Results) 1200m/1500m
22-Jun Royal Can Legion District E,  Midland (Results) 1200m, Steeple
25-Jun YUTC Twilight #2, York Uni (Results) 400m H, 800m, 3 000m
6-7 Jul  Flying Angeles Toronto track meet (Results) U13, U15 – 1500m, 800m
09-Jul YUTC Twilight #3, York Uni  (Results) 1200m/1500m, Steeple
27-Jul MTA Championships, Brampton (Results) 1200/1500
30-Jul YUTC Twilight #4, York Uni  (Results) 400m H, 800m, 3 000m
 2-4 Aug U14 & 16 T&F Ontario Championships, Windsor (Results 1, 2, 3) U16 – 800m, 1200m, Steeple
24-26 Aug Open Summer Camp, Orillia – Register U14, U16
 22-Sep Lifeski Run #1, Horseshoe Valley (Results) U14+
19-20 Oct Hardwood Ski Swap
18-20 Oct Lifeski Open Fall Camp, Orillia (Cancelled) U14+
20-Oct Lifeski Run #2, Moonstone (Cancelled)  U14+
 02-Nov OFSAA XC Championships, Sudbury (Results) HS
10-Nov OA XC Championships, King City (Results) U14+
27 Nov-1 Dec Lifeski Open Early Snow Camp, F. Montmorency, QC U14+
13-15 Dec  O Cup #1/NorAm, Nakkertok (Results) U14+
18 Dec Hardwood Invitational #1 (Results) U14+
28 Dec SOD Parafin Series, Highlands (Rescheduled) (Cancelled) ES & HS
25-30 Dec 2019 Open Christmas Camp, Coldwater/Horseshoe V./Hardwood U14+
 2 Jan  Lifeski Christmas Kings Court Sprint, Hardwood (Rescheduled) U14+
 5 Jan SOD Parafin Series, Midland (Cancelled) U14+
8 Jan Thames Valley Invitational, Hardwood (Results) ES & HS
12 Jan SOD Parafin Series, Parry Sound (Results) U14+
15 Jan Phoenix Invit., Parry Sound (Results), Hardwood Invit. (Results) HS
18-19 Jan  O Cup #3, North Bay (Results Day1, Day2) U14+
26 Jan Muskoka Loppet (Results) Mas
1 Feb SOD Mono Nordic Invitational (Results) U14+
7-9 Feb  O Cup #4/Easterns/NorAm, Sherbrook, QC  U16
9 Feb SOD Suntrail Special, Owen Sound U14+
12 Feb GBSSA, Hardwood HS
15-16 Feb Gatineau Loppet (Results)  Mas
19-21 Feb  OFSAA Nordic, Hunstville (Results) HS
21-23 Feb Ontario Masters Championships, North Bay (Results Day 1, Day 2) Mas
23 Feb  SOD Midland Ski Cross (Results) U14+
 26-28 Feb Ontario Winter Games, Orillia/Horseshoe V.   U16
1 Mar SOD Georgian Team Sprint, Parry Sound U14+
7-8 Mar  Youth Ontario Championships, Timmins U14
14-15 Mar O Cup #5, Nakkertok  U14+
 26 Apr-2 Mar  Nationals, Sovereign Lake, BC  U16
 10-12 Apr  Final Quebec Cup, Morin Heights, QC  U14+
 18 Apr  Ontario Sprint & Relay Championships, North Bay  U14+
About us

The Lifeski Academy is a private Cross Country Ski Club sanctioned by Cross Country Canada. Operating around the beautiful Simcoe County area the club works towards a vision to offer more than just an ordinary coaching across all categories and ages.

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