This program is for young athletes aiming for competing at provincial possibly national level.  Tailoring to athletes of age 12 and older, the program will build skills, a strong physical foundation and the athlete’s aerobic capacity that will allow them to perform to their potential both individually and as part of a team.  The fee includes 2-3 practices per week, team written training plan, and full racing and waxing support.

Age:  YOB 2005 to 2008

Length of Program:  May 2020 to March 2021

Practices:  Two to three times per week

Training Camps: 2.5-day camps in Sept & Oct, 5-day camps in November & December (see Events & Results)

Training Plan: Written in 4-week format

Aiming for Races: Ontario Youth Championships, Ontario Cup series, Eastern Championships, Canadian Nationals (based on coaches’ recommendation)

Full race coaching and waxing support is provided at these races.

Coaching:  The program will be coached by Petr Jakl.

Program Fee (excluding any admission, trail passes, and coaches’ travel to Nationals):  $ 1200

SOD, XCSO, & CCC Fee: $19

Register by June 30, 2019